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Please note that your tiny home will be delivered within 85 days of order*.


While ordering our Tiny Home please ensure that you provide an accurate and detailed delivery address for proper delivery of our tiny home . It is understood and to be accept by buyer that the delivery address is easily accessible for a long trailer( 30 ft to 53 feet) to make the delivery. Our shipping and delivery services are carried out by our trusted partner, based on the order and delivery location provided.

The standard price of our Tiny home kit, whether it is from the EFI series or XPOD, includes the shipping and delivery charges. However, if there are any additional expenses incurred by us during the delivery process like  escort fees, permits, or extended waiting time, these will be charged separately and must be paid by the client during delivery. This is fees will be decided by after trusted partner  only after order and home is ready to ship.

It is the responsibility of unloading the EFI home from the trailer to lie with the buyer. However, if it is feasible and requested by the client, we may arrange to unload the home at the delivery site for an additional cost, which will cover the use of machinery and resources.

Alternatively, we recommend that the buyer personally picks up the home in enroute near to the delivery site if the route is challenging for the trailer to access. In such cases, the home will be unloaded at a designated location along the route, and the buyer will need to arrange for its transportation by himself/herself from there to avoid any extra costs or delays. Any additional services, such as the use of machinery, will be charged separately prior to delivery.

If the delivery site is easily accessible by a long trailer  and has sufficient space for movement on flat, level, and solid ground, the home can be directly unloaded by the trailer itself. However, if this is not the case, a forklift or crane, or a combination of both, may be required to unload the home from the trailer to a suitable location along the route. Any additional charges for these services will need to be paid by the buyer before delivery.

It is important to note that we cannot assume responsibility for any incorrect, insufficient, incomplete, or fraudulent address details, including the recipient's name and contact number, which may hinder the delivery of your order.

Further, if the assigned person is not available on the scheduled delivery date and time( as waiting time for trailer per hour is very high) , we will consider the order as delivered and Tiny home will be returned and no refund will be granted for the order. In this case he/she should make available an assigned person( details by email before) to receive the product for his/her unavailability on the same day to avoid any extra waiting charges or any worst case . Moreover, if the product is returned for any of these reasons, please be advised that no refund will be granted.

Finally, It is the buyer/consignee's obligation to independently install the delivered Homenids Tiny house. Homenids will not bear any responsibility for this task, but will solely provide detailed instructions for installation via online support.

If any question regarding the same please email us at

Shipping & Delivery

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