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We are introducing our new modern and aesthetically beautiful POD/ Modern Pod home XPOD which offers a beautiful design , occupy less space yet provide an efficient housing solution. It can be used for home and office equally.

This tiny home offers a serene and eco-conscious living space for individuals or couples looking to minimize their carbon footprint while enjoying the comforts of modern living.

Our XPOD is a modular dwelling come as a ready to move in unit and delivered to the location as a complete unit. The compact design, features a rustic aesthetic . It comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area, making it an ideal option for minimalist living or weekend getaways, homestay etc .

Available in 20 feet long size.


  • Come as a ready to move in complete unit .

  • Best thermally insulated with high quality insulation

  • Can be fixed to ground on concrete block as foundation with pillar.

  • Damp proof and rust proof as it is galvanized painting outside.


  • Comes with Electrical items , Bathroom, Water closet , Shower, mirror, Kitchen cabinet , Wall cabinet, Double stainless steel sink etc.

  • US and Canada Nationwide delivery




Modern Pod Home XPOD

Sales Tax Included

    MODEL- XPOD 20

    Dimension :

    Externally- 19' (L) x 7'5'' (W) x 8'3'' (H) as 140 Sq.Ft. AREA

    Internally- 18' (L) x 6'9'' (W) x 7'3'' (H)

    Framing and outer materials:
    Galvanized Steel frame and columns

    Windows / Doors:
    Aluminum alloy windows, Steel doors

    2500 Kg

    Environmental Footprint:
    The main material of home is steel frame which can be recycled.


    Regarding permit from Local Authority/Council/Zonal regulations as per Building Code, Standard for installation of our XPOD cabin tiny home , it generally does not require any permit as its building area( 140 Sq. ft.) is less than 150 Sq. ft. 

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